Volunteer with Us!

Spread the Word!

Tell your friends and family about the trail and your experiences on it. Share our Facebook posts, news articles, and use your voice to help us build the trail.

Local Official Outreach!

Let your county commissioners, city and borough council members, township supervisors, state representatives and senators, and more know what their support of the trail means to you and your community. Showing your enthusiastic support makes it easier for them to support future development of the trail. You can attend municipal meetings, email or call, or chat with them when you see them out and about!

Support through Use!

The easiest way to support the trail is by using it. Active, regular trail users send a strong message to community leaders about the trail’s value. Whether you bike, walk, run hike, bird watch, view wildlife, practice photography, or just clear your mind, the trail is for you!

Become a Trail Volunteer!

There are many talents that build and support a trail. If you have skills in maintenance, writing, social media, photography, videography, organizing, event coordination, or something else, we can use your talents! Want to help? Get in touch with the Titusville Area Trails Association (TATA) on the contact form or like our Facebook page for updates on opportunities for input, information about trail routes, and to get connected to other trail users!

Want to get more involved and volunteer with the QCT or participate in a trail event? Here’s how!

Josh Sterling Painting - Photo by Leah Carter.jpg
Local artist Josh Sterling plein air painting on the QCT during National Trails Day.


Keeping the trail in excellent shape is a continuous process. From filling potholes, fixing heaving asphalt, trimming overgrowth, installing signage & more, maintaining and expanding the trail are our top priorities. If you wish to donate toward our effort, the button on the right can be used for online donations.

Thank you for supporting the QCT!

QCT Photo by Leah Carter_edited.jpg
Photo by Josh Ellis.

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